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Established in the Kingdom of Bahrain many decades ago, the Ghauri Group of Companies is definitely a brand company group that has carved its permanent niche in the market. It started its roots in the exciting world of advertising which then grew into an empire worthy of the spotlight. Engaging in business consultancy, construction, food, hospitality, advertising and finance to name a few, the Ghauri Group of Companies has indeed contributed to the business hub persona of Bahrain.

Focused on one mission in different sectors has allowed the group to truly create quite the reputation. Without a doubt, one can witness the time and effort put into every step of its journey with the end goal of ensuring the satisfaction of every client. Every company under the Ghauri Group ushers its clientele into an atmosphere that keeps them and their needs at the forefront. Firmly grasping to an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience in their respectivefields and industries, each company guarantees an impressive range of products and services. Additionally, the Ghauri Group never falls short of upholding the standards of quality they have built their foundation on giving the group the growing reputation and recognition it deserves.

We shall continue to grow within our own capacity breaking boundaries and pushing limits. This will allow us to further contribute to the Kingdom of Bahrain. A responsible and committed corporate citizen, the Dadabhai Group continues its commitment to the Kingdom of Bahrain with social programs and projects as well as providing the local talent pool with rewarding career opportunities.




We aim for continuous improvement and development not only as a brand but also to keep redefining our worth at every step of our journey to ensure maximum success and satisfaction for every company of the Ghauri Group.


We will work towards ensuring the Ghauri Group of Companies remains in the spotlight to contribute to the economic, social and political success of the Kingdom of Bahrain.