Welcome to The Signature Home Furniture

The Signature Home Furniture is a company dealing with supply and installation of office and home furniture. With our reliable partners, we provide items with high standards that will fit each client’s needs. Our office furniture ranges from desking, seating, storage and partitions while our home furniture covers bedroom, living room, dining area indoor and outdoor. We have two showrooms strategically situated for your furniture needs.

We have a collection of high quality, stylish, classic, contemporary and modern furniture with wide-range selections that suite to your workplace and home vicinity. Scrupulously designed and manufactured by a world-wide known suppliers awarded with a high standard of certifications.

The Signature Home Furniture has been in the market of Office and Home furniture, Interior Design, Decoration and Fit-Out works. For more than a decade Global Art consistently excel for being well known with its professional performances on Projects and Services.