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international students

Home to the world famous Niagara Falls and with over 30% of the country covered in forests, the scenery alone is enough make Canada a attractive destination for global students.

As per to the Canadian Bureau for International Education these individuals comprise 8% of the post-secondary student population and have helped make over 80,000 jobs in recent years.

In case of sudden medical emergency to worldwide students in Canada International Student Insurance will give coverage.

  • In board / out board
  • Annual or biannual plans
  • Coverage available to inboard student’s age 69 or less and out board students to age 40 or less.
  • Maximum limit up to 2 million per policy period. Please refer to the benefits sections of the particular policies.
  • Full or partial refundable available before the effective date if student VISA is referred or some restrictions or general exclusions apply for refunds or claims.
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