Disability & Accident insurance

Disability & Accident Insurance


Your earning potential is a far more precious quality than your automobile or your home. Disability insurance is planned to protect you from the possible loss of income. What’s the chance of this occurrence? It’s more than you’d imagine. Why should you think it? It’s the only sure way to give guaranteed coverage and guaranteed premiums.

Disability Insurance, will outcome in an income when you can’t work because of an injury or sickness. Benefits are paid monthly once an exact waiting phase (if valid) has passed. The benefit is paid for the phase of time you are disabled up to the highest amount of time allowed in the policy deal.

“Disability Insurance monthly Benefit due to

  1. Injury only
  2. Injury or Sickness
  3. Accident Death / Dismemberment
  4. Over head expenses
  5. Travel / Unity Province Coverage
  6. Non Occupational Coverage Available
  7. Eligibility of apply for coverage is 18 to 69.
  8. Total or Partial Disability
  9. Return of premium is available
  10. Available for loss of time or loss of income benefits
  11. Group Flat discount package price for 50+ employees or drivers.
  12. More than 10 Canadian life insurance companies available
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