Critical Illness insurance


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Critical Illness Insurance will cover the price in case of severe illness like Alzheimer’s disease, Blindness, Deafness, Kidney failure, A main organ transplant, Multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS contracted by blood transfusion or during an operation, Paralysis, Terminal illness. It also assist the family as the burden of price will shift to insurance company.

Critical illness insurance is a living benefit up to the policy coverage, lump sum benefit, 100% tax free benefit in Canada. Usually 25 or more critical illnesses are covered.

  • Policies available are with or without 30 days survival period. 100% return of premium rider if no claim is there.
  • 2nd event covered policy is also available.
  • Combo plans with lifetime critical illness available at starplus insurance agency.
  • Policies with most major Canadian insurance companies are available.
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