About us

About us

Since 1984, CIAO-AM 530 (Brampton/Toronto) has provided quality programming to hundreds of thousands of new Canadians in a variety of languages.

Music, talk, news and sports whether local or international are blended together and delivered with a unique Canadian perspective. Whether something happens around the corner or around the work, CIAO’s experienced on-air personnel keep each of their respective communities apprised.

Cultural celebrations are routine with all of the communities the radio station serves and these include exposure of Canadian Ethnic artists through performance opportunities both on-air and at live venues.

CIAO-AM is one of the founders of the Canadian Catalogue of Ethnic Music, a resource devoted to collecting, promoting and distributing music to both the public and the industry.
Many of CIAO-AM’s programs are community centres and meeting places.

In a world where ethnic, religious and economic conflicts are often headline news throughout the year, CIAO’s program producers and on-air personnel work side by side in peace and harmony. They share with each other and all CIAO’s listeners the richness of the diverse heritages and the values that bind us all.

CIAO-AM 530 is a valued institution in Southern Ontario’s vibrant cultural mosaic.

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