Exterior moulding sills

Zain mould Exterior Window Sills are best for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Available in lengths to suit a range of window frames and widths for standard wall thicknesses. We present the widest collection of exterior window sills. We can assist you get the ideal window sill that will personalize your home’s design.

Exterior window sills are a main accent to any decoration of your home upgrading project. The stylish window sill will draw interest to your home and give your home a sense that it is matchless and exclusive. Whether you’re restoring an old home or designing your new dream castle, our fresh collection of window sills and other exterior moulding products will help you get the look you desire.

Zain mould is the top manufacturer of stylish exterior window sills. We also design and manufacture a wide variety of architectural accents, for example columns, mouldings, cornices, and more.  We offers the maximum quality exterior window sills, window trim products and much more at the most cost efficient price on the market.

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