Ceiling medallions

Add character to your light fixture.

The ceiling is often unnoticed when a room is redesigned. Things like the walls, floor coverings and colour schemes, furnishings, window treatments generally take main concern. The ceiling should be thought of as being just as vital as any one of those parts and incorporating a ceiling medallion is an easy way to do so. Ceiling medallions add a touch of grace and conveys an attention to detail. The low cost of Trimroc ceiling medallions make it even easier to consider.

Trimroc ceiling medallions are available in diameters from 18 inches to 28 inches. Simple, yet stylish, they add a fine design feature that doesn’t fight for attention from the rest of the room.  Instead, they give the finishing touch that compliments the rest of the design.

Are you hesitant what size you require for your light fixture? Most designers agree that picking a ceiling medallion whose diameter closely resembles the width of your light fixture. This will make sure that the ceiling medallion compliments, rather than competes the other parts in your space.

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