Wheat Allergy


Homeopathic Treatment of Wheat Allergy Patient

It is also known as gluten hypersensitivity, celiac disease or spruce. In Celiac disease the lining of the small intestine is damaged in response to ingestion of gluten and similar proteins, which are found in wheat, rye, oats, barley,etc.

Wheat allergy comes under the category of celiac disease where intestine become hypersensitive to the gluten protein which causes loose motions when ever patient take wheat or wheat products.

The exact cause is unknown. There is evidence that the disorder is inherited. The disorder may be caused by an abnormal immune response to proteins found in grains, particularly gluten. The intestines contain projections (called villi) which normally absorb nutrients. This  disease causes the villi to become flattened and lose the ability to absorb nutrients.
When to suspect:– When there is weight loss, anemia and vitamin deficiencies occuring even after giving healthy diet as a result of the mal absorption (inadequate absorption of nutrients from the intestinal tract), we can suspect it. Patients suffers diarrhea every time after wheat diet is given, resulting into slow growth.

Wheat allergy– loose motion after eating,

Gluten hypersensitivity– loose motion and rashes on skin,

 Celiac disease– always from birth along atrophy of villi,it causes retardation of growth.


1) Abnormal stools, diarrhea
2) Growth, slow (child 0 to 5 years old)
3) Irritability
4) Stools, bloody ,stools, clay colored
5) Vomiting
6) Weight loss, anemia
7) Decreased appetite (anorexia)
8) Stools – foul smelling , stools – floating
9) Muscles in arms and legs are thin and wasted
10) Abdominal distention.

# Patient represents symptoms of mal absorption like growth retarded, anemia, etc.
#Small bowel biopsy, particularly biopsy of the jejunum (the part of the small intestine most often affected), will show an abnormal intestinal lining.

According to them a life long gluten-free diet is required. Foods that contain wheat must be eliminated from the diet.They try to overcome nutritional deficiencies by giving Vitamin and mineral supplements
You can imagine that how much it is difficult for a child to avoid various biscuits and other wheat products completely as wheat products are essential diet in Indian home. THIS IS NOT THE CURE.


Allergic reaction are obstinate. They are hard to remove but not impossible one. Practically leading a life without wheat is very painful .
With homoeopathic treatment, the right medicine will taper down the increased sensitivity to gluten protein to normal. As soon as the symptoms starts ameliorating like increased Hb, decreased stool, no pain and distension in abdomen, we will starts wheat in the form of biscuit and bread once or twice a week. slowly and slowly as the body adapts to gluten we will increase the amount from bread and biscuit daily to one meal of wheat and later both the meals including wheat.never and never we ask the patient to restart wheat at both the meals suddenly, only gradually the body if made friendly to gluten to which it was previously allergic. The stunted growth of celiac disease will rise to normal after our medicine with increase immunity without use of any sort of steroids.

This is the miracle of homoeopathy that a case which is said to be incurable by others is completely curable in homoeopathy.

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