Homeopathic Treatment of Tonsillitis Patient

Tonsils, most commonly, palantine tonsils is seen in the back of the human throat. The palatine tonsils are lymphoepithelial tissues located near the oropharynx and nasopharynx.These tissues are the immune system’s first line of defence against ingested or inhaled foreign pathogen.


  1. Adenoid tonsils(pharyngeal tonsils)
  2. Tubal tonsils
  3. Palantine tonsils
  4. Lingual tonsils

Under normal circumstances, as viruses and bacteria enter the body through the nose and mouth, they are filtered in the tonsils. Within the tonsils, white blood cell, of the immune system mount an attack that helps destroy the viruses or bacteria, and also causes inflammation and fever. The infection may also be present in the throat and surrounding areas, causing inflammation of the pharyx. This is the area in the back of the throat that lies between the voice box and the tonsils.

Tonsillitis is the condition of inflammation of the tonsil tissues (sore throat).

Tonsillitis is caused due to weakness of immune system which act as defence system for our body. Due to this weakness various bacterias and viruses become able to invade our body.As tonsils works for filtering these organisms, they get infected and inflammed.
The most common cold viruses are adenovirus , rhinovirus, influenza, respiratory virus.The most common bacterias are Group A β-hemolytic streptococcus which causes strept throat.

# Pain in throat,
# difficulty in swallowing the liquid as well as solids,
# fever with cough and expectoration,
# pain throat extending to ears,
# headache, weakness, lethargy.

Tonsillitis occur again and again in children even after full course of antibiotics and all conventional treatment is only because of decreased resistance power of the child or decreased immunity of the child.
It includes the full course of the antibiotics and anti-allergic medicines. Doctor say, “we can only suppress the tonsillitis but we cannot treat the recurrence of the disease.” The second best option with them is surgical removal of the tonsil i.e tonsillectomy. It is done if the tonsillitis occur frequently and recurrently.

Tonsillectomy is not the solution to the disease. After surgery the defence of our system is weakened. Tonsils are the guards of our body, Tonsils are the gaurds of our body, who take every infection to themselves, does’nt let it go to the respiratory tract. But in the absence of tonsils, the bacteria and infections get an opportunity to get down towards the respiratory tract and the chest congestion, high grade fevers start occurring which further leads to and bronchial asthma.This is the journey of the disease after operation.

ON the contrary, the antibiotics indirectly increases the recurrence of the antibiotics. Every time an antibiotic is used, it increases the toxin in the tissue, generated from the death of bacterial cells. This is itself acts as an invitation to other group of bacterias to come and  thrive there.The solution to this problems lies not in killing the bacterias but in cleansing the tissues of the toxic products. This is called detoxification.

The right homoeopathic medicine is supposed to activate detoxification process, the toxic products move out of the tissues, and no more provides the nutrition to the  invaders. Thus the tissues start functioning normally, do not allow any organisms or bacterias to come. The impaired immunity or decreased resistence power of the child is regained and child is no more affected by recurrent tonsillitis. The cold drinks, ice creams, chocolates, change of climate, pollens and dust stop affecting the child, because of having a very good resistance power on immunity.

The right homoeopathic medicine when prescribed correctly after full case taking, taking whole history of the child or patients, treats the child and patient as a whole, increasing the immunity or resistance power of the patient completely

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