Thyroid Diseases

Homeopathic Treatment of Thyroid Patient

HOMOEOPATHY is discovered by Dr. HAHNEMANN to treat chronic diseases, which are still incurable in conventional treatment. If we ask the doctor, then the answer will be, “we can only control, can’t treat”. Homoeopathy is not discovered to treat only cold, cough and skin diseases but it is discovered to treat the incurable diseases. Homoeopathy is the hope for hopeless.

Thyroid gland is situated in throat having primary function to control the basic metabolism of body by secreting thyroxine hormone in blood which regulate the catabolism and anabolism hence maintain the energy requirement of body.

Thyroid disease is classified as dysfunctioning of thyroid gland, due to which thyroid hormones T3, T4 and TSH become imbalance in our body which gives rise to two types of diseases-

  1. Hypothyroid       2. Hyperthyroid

In case of hypothyroid T3,T4 hormones are not released as per required, resulting in increase TSH and in hyperthyroid, TSH is decreased.          

Mental cause:- Primary one is the prolonged stress condition  under which patient is living and next one is the suppression of anger by patient in which there is outburst of adrenaline from the adrenal gland but it is not utilised by the muscle as patient try to control hence this adrenaline causes destruction of the thyroid gland resulting into dysfunctioning of the gland and imbalance of thyroxine into the blood.

Physical cause:- It includes the prolonged use of drugs in lingering diseases, vaccination, steroidal treatment, insufficient intake of iodine etc.


  • Metabolic rate decreases
  • continuous wait gain
  • decrease in the appetite occurs and the patient suffers from the joint pains
  • swelling of the body, body aches, lethargic conditions
  • In females, menstrual disturbances starts


  • Patient presents with sever wait loss
  • Emaciation instead of eating well
  • Palpitation, anxieties
  • Body pains
  • Weakness tired easily with no desire for work

Patient is given hormone tablets for thyroid diseases instructing them that there is no permanent treatment of thyroid diseases and you have to take these hormone tablets throughout the life. You can miss a meal but not these tablets. In spite of taking these hormone tablets, patient’s problems increases day by day and the dose of hormone tablets are also being increased. This happens to each and every thyroid patients.

But in our modern and advance science homoeopathy, no hormone tablets are given to treat the disease. Homoeopathy gives importance to “who” is suffering rather then “what” he is suffering. Eradication of the cause is the basis of homoeopathic treatment. Every disease is caused due to dysfunction of the genes which is the basic cause of all disease.

Homoeopathy treats the cause of the disease, which results in the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. So that the production of thyroid hormone by thyroid gland begins properly and the patient can lead a healthy life without medication. Any disease that occurs in an individual or exists in a person is not without the permission of his genetic code. Whether a child is going to react adversely to cold water, ice cream, dust pollens, milk or any other proteins is written on his DNA. How is he or she going to react by throwing up allergic rashes on skin, or throwing up inflammation inside the respiratory tract to cause asthmatic bronchitis, is also governed by the DNA or the genetic code of the person. This explains familial tendency.

The features on face, height, physical structure, nature and behaviour of a person, everything is governed by blue-print on the genetic code. This also includes the diseases that he has predisposition to suffer. So contrary to the belief of conventional science that genes are responsible for only genetic diseases (like Down syndrome, Duchene’s muscular dystrophy, Thalasimic disorder etc.). Homoeopathic philosophy strictly believes that every diseases from coryza, cough, fever to CANCER are governed by and dependent on the genetic code.

If the genetic code is so involved in the physical make-up, mental make-up, general make-up and disease make-up of the person, then it is very logical that in order to eradicate a recurrent or chronic problem we need to address the genetic code.

Thus in homoeopathy we need to understand the patients as a whole if we have to cure diseases like chronic asthma, allergies, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis etc.

The limitation of the existing system of medicine, that proclaims these diseases to be incurable(and only controllable),are due to this very fact, that it doesn’t take in to consideration the genetic source and give importance to man as a whole. The effect is taken as disease and the effect is treated. In diabetes, the treatment aimed at controlling the sugar levels. In hypertension aim is control of pressure. In high cholesterol and lipid levels or even uric acid, the aim is to control the levels with drugs and diet control. Nowhere the genetic tendency to increase the levels is considered. Thus they treat the DISEASE IN MAN and Homoeopathy treats MAN IN DISEASE that makes all the difference.   In homoeopathic treatment, prescription of more then one remedy is strictly prohibited; it may cause injurious effects in the patients.

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