Rheumatoid Arthritis

Homeopathic Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which body’s own cells start functioning against it. So all joints and cartilages of the body are affected in a symmetrical manner. In this disease, joints become inflammed and their swelling occurs. When disease progresses, deposition of fibrous tissue on the cartilage starts which is called pannus. Due to this destruction of cartilage occur resulting in fusion of bones which is known as ankylosis. Hence after this deformity, restriction of movement in these joints occur. 


It is caused when the body develops self destructive process due to some endocrine or genetic tendencies where body’s own cell starts functioning against it resulting in destruction. It is a psychosomatic disorder where the autoimmune tendency like self reproach etc goes on physical level gradually and disorder occur.

# The pain and swelling starts in inter-digital, wrists shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles, sterna region and all large and small joints of our body in symmetrical manner.
# When the disease progresses further, deformity in the joints starts from above i.e shoulder joints to downwards towards the ankle joints.
# The movements of the joints get restricated.

# The stiffness in the joints is increased.

In conventional  treatment of all auto immune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis until now is directed wrongly, i.e treatment include painkillers, steroids and anti-cancer drugs like methotrexate etc, Recently they are using DMARDs i.e disease modifying drugs. These all amounts to control only the end products i.e the pain but the root cause of the disease is remains there.

Doctors give whole emphasis on decreasing the pain but this is un-justice to patient. why:-
Because pains are the signal of ongoing process, given by affected part through the nerves to the brain.Pain tell us that our body is defending against underlying disease.It shows that cure process is going on hence by checking pain we are checking the cure process.

Doctors cannot do anything about the cause, which is auto immunity. This means chief culprit is our immune system which is destroying our body, our organs and there is no role of bacteria and viruses. But they have no answer for the treatment of immune system at the genetic level i.e the reason for rheumatoid arthritis they have only control of only the pains for sometimes and no cause for the disease.Doctor say “your disease is incurable we can only control it, you have to take this medicine throughout your life.The limitations of the existing system of the medicine that proclaims these diseases to be incurable (and only controllable), are due to this fact, that it does not take into consideration the genetic source and does give importance to THE MAN AS A WHOLE. No where the genetic tendency is consider to cure the system, thus they treat the disease in the man and homoeopathy treats the man in disease. These things make all the difference.

The treatment in homoeopathy is directed towards the cure of the cause and not toward the effect. The mistake of recognising our self tissues as foreign which is the root cause, is tried to be corrected. Pain and swelling are only the effects of the disease. The genetic constitutional similimum,i.e the  right homoeopathic medicine when prescribed may reverse the auto-immunity. The cause when removed, the system is cured and the pains disappear  by themselves. Now the immune system no more behaves in a hostile manner on the joints, joints are healed from inside and become healthy and the pains and swelling disappear by themselves. This leads to a comfortable life. Patient can observe a lot of mobility in the deformed joints and they can make use of them painlessly.

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