Homeopathic Treatment of Psoriasis Patient

It is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by redness, itching and thick, dry, silvery scales on the skin coming out in the form of powder especially from scalp, back, abdomen, elbow, skin folds and area behind ears, etc. Normally, skin takes about a month for its new cells to move from the lower layers of skin up to the surface. In psoriasis, this process takes only a few days, resulting in build-up of dead skin cells and formation of thick scales.

Mental causes
:- It is mostly seen in the people having the history of separation from something to which he was very attached. It may be his home, his family member, his partner etc.
Physical causes:-. Psoriasis is due to shortening of cell cycle which is again due to defect in genetics. Abnormality in gene results in defective cell cycle. Immunosuppressed people (Cancer or AIDS patients) or those who have autoimmune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis) can easily get these diseases.

# Skin patches

-Dry and red patch mostly covered with silvery scales.

 -Raised patches of skin with red borders may crack and become painful
-Usually located on the elbows, knees, trunk, scalp, hands/nail with severe itching
# Joint pain/aching
# Nail abnormalities
# Eye burning, itching & discharge
# In later stage, deformity of joints occur (psoriatic arthritis)
The diagnosis is usually based on the appearance of the skin.A skin biopsy or scraping and culture of skin patches confirm it.

# This mode of treatment emphasis on control of the symptoms and prevention of secondary infections only and nothing to do with basic cause, why? because they don’t have such medicine with act directly on the genes. Their treatment includes analgesics, sedation, intravenous fluids and antibiotics which can only act superficially.
# They try to manage psoriasis through
– shampoos or lotions
– cortisone (steroids)
– lubricants
– antifungal medications
– antibiotics
which are unable to bring any change in derange genetics.

# Exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light or phototherapy leads to sunburn of skin without relieving the disease even at a small extent.
Now you have to decide whether they are doing justice with you or just making your life more miserable.

Eradicating the cause is the basis of homoeopathic treatment. Homoeopathy treats the cause and affects will disappear. The homoeopathic remedy treats the patient genetically, it corrects the derange process from which the shortening of cell cycle occurred. After right homoeopathic medicine, the patient gets cured as a whole.
The stimulus ( Homoeopathic medicine ) is based on understanding the patient’s genetic characters i.e his nature, his personality, his interaction with people in society, the ups and downs in the his life, his built and many more. If the homoeopath receive proper and relevant information and understand the patient as a whole, then only the homoeopathic remedy prescribed by the homoeopath is able to stimulate the patient’s systems and cure the patient as a whole. Once the disease is cured it will never return in the whole life of patient.

This is the right cure process which is done by homoeopathy and it is only possible because homeopathy treats the man in disease and not the disease in man.

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