Homeopathic Treatment of Parkinson’s Patient

 A disorder of the brain characterized by shaking and difficulty with walking movement and coordination. The disease is associated with damage to a part of the brain that controls muscle movement. It is also known as shaking palsy which is shown by trembling of extremities where patient have difficulty in writing, gripping, walking etc.


# Parkinson’s disease is caused by progressive deterioration of the nerve cells of the part of the brain that controls muscle movement (the basal ganglia and the extrapyramidal area). Dopamine , which is one of the substances used by cells to transmit impulses (transmitters), is normally produced in this area.

# Deterioration of this area of the brain reduces the amount of dopamine available to the body. Insufficient dopamine disturbs the balance between dopamine and other transmitters, such as acetylcholine. Without dopamine, the nerve cells cannot properly transmit messages, and this results in the loss of muscle function.

# Muscle rigidity, stiffness, difficulty bending arms or legs
# Unstable, stooped posture
# Loss of balance
# Gait (walking pattern) changes, slow movements
# Difficulty in starting any movement
# Muscles painful, shaking, trembling
# Reduced ability to show facial expressions, unable to close mouth voice   # Slow speech, low-volume voice, difficult writing , difficult eating
# Movement, uncontrolled–slow with frequent falls.

 In later stage:-Depression, confusion, dementia(memory loss) anxiety, stress, and tension occur.

In this mode of treatment there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. Treatment is aimed at controlling the symptoms.
First they give medicine to control symptoms and after that they give another medicine to reduce the side effects of the first one. For e.g Deprenyl, Amantadine  is used to reduce tremors. Levodopa is a medication that body converts to dopamine hence try to regulate the muscular coordination. But these drugs produce various side effects including behavior disorder and loss of mental functions.
Now what they do?  They give Carbidopa which reduces the side effects of levodopa. Other medications to control side effects of primary medications include antihistamines, antidepressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors etc.
Is this a way to treat a helpless sufferer?

Is this a cure which a patient requires?

Is this a mission of the medical science? 

Is this a justice to suffering human kind?                                     

In our modern and advance science homoeopathy, importance is given to “who” is suffering rather than “what” he is suffering from. Eradication of the cause is the basis of homoeopathic treatment. Every disease occur due to dysfunction of the genes which is the basic cause of all diseases. Any disease that occurs in an individual or exists in a person is not without the permission of his genetic code whether it is acute or chronic. Homoeopathic philosophy strictly believes that every disease from fever to parkinson are governed by and dependent on the genetic code.
Homoeopathy treats the cause of the disease, which results in the normal functioning of the basal ganglia cells. So that the production of dopamine begins properly and the patient can lead a healthy life without medication.
You can see the difference between their approach to the disease and homoeopathic way to permanent cure

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