Cirrhosis Of Liver

Homeopathic Treatment of Cirrhosis of Liver Patient


A liver disease in which excessive damage of liver tissue occur along  with fibrosis (scarring of liver) and nodule formation in liver cell.The damaged and scarred liver becomes unable to remove waste products (toxins) from the blood, and the formation of scar tissue leads to increased pressure (portal hypertension) in the veins. Gradual decrease in liver function occurs along fluid in abdomen, bleeding tendency in body and disorder of brain function.

Mental cause:-Long continued stress associated with loss of money or failure in business or any stress associated with money matter.bleeding from body, increase blood pressure and loss of memory then we must think about this pathological condition.

Physical cause:- Excessive alcohol use is the leading cause of cirrhosis. Other causes include infections (such as hepatitis) ,defects of the bile drainage system, cystic fibrosis , and increased iron and copper absorption.


  1. Weakness of body, weight loss
  2. Nausea and vomiting.
  3. Abnormal menstrual period in females(either scanty or profuse menses)
  4. Impotency in male. Loss of interest in sex.
  5. Vomiting of blood.
  6. Jaundice
  7. Small red spider like blood vessels under the skin.
  8. Swelling of overall body, excessive gas formation, indigestion.
  9. Increase size of spleen etc

The first and foremost principle of treatment include complete restriction to intake of alcohol, restriction to intake of heavy food like non veg, excessive spicy food.
The whole emphasis is to manage the associated problem like bleeding disorder by supplement of vitamin k, high b.p by use of respective tablets, for ascitis taking diuretics and withdrawing of fluid from the abdomen. At this stage of pathology they never think that they should also pay attention to the cause of disease, they only try to manage the case.

Homoeopathy gives weightage to “who is suffering”, whether than what he is suffering from. This means when other sciences aim at treating diseases in man, homoeopathic science at the very inception, has been devised to treat the man in disease.

Homoeopathic science strictly believe that all the diseases occur with the permission of individual genetic code. When we prescribe the right constitutional remedy, first of all the destruction of liver cells stops. Now the normalization of the liver tissue starts and it ensures no more further fibrosis of liver cell. It helps the remaining normal tissue to work and perform basic metabolic activity. This all become possible only because homoeopathy treat the individual not the disease.