Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma Patient


When there is any inflammation or constriction in air passage of lungs, it causes obstruction for the passage of air to the lungs. The air passing through narrowed air passages makes a sound that is popularly known as wheeze and hence this condition of short of breath, difficulty in breathing with wheezing in the chest is termed as asthma.
Mental cause:-  Prolonged domination by other and incapability to defend may cause asthma where primary reaction affect the bronchi of patient and lead to loss of its normal consistency leading to difficulty in breathing.

Physical cause:- Genetic disposition, Excessive use of cough syrups, bronchodilators etc lead to permanent dilatation of bronchi causing  asthma.


  • Consistent dry cough, wheeze, breathlessness,
  • Sputum with cough, anxiety and restlessness.
  • Everytime patient consumes cold drinks and ice creams, everytime   the weather changes or child is exposed to humid weather, dust, pollens or patient undergoes strong emotional upheaval, the patient gets the attack.

When the tissue of respiratory tract is invaded by bacteria or by dust or pollens, then it gets inflamed and cough reflex is initiated very naturally to throw out foreign and harmful substances.
Thus cough is our friend and the dirt thrown out with mucus is called expectoration.
Normally the tissue lining our respiratory tract are supposed to be strong enough to bear the dust, pollens, bacteria, if the
But when the immunity is impaired all these factors start irritating the inner aspect of the respiratory passage easily. This makes a child or an adult prone to recurrent respiratory infections.

Cough syrups are meant to suppress our cough reflex. Suppressing the cough (our natural defence reflex) is not a correct line of treatment. Cough syrups paralyze the cilia (hair) in the air pipe and dangerous infective material gets a chance to invade the lungs without hindrance and cause more harm to the patient. Thus the patient travels from ordinary cough to asthmatic bronchitis.

Cough syrups, antibiotics, steroids and inhalers are used to suppress the cough and asthmatic attacks. This treatment is aimed at only giving the relief but fails in controlling the recurrences. So the doctors say, “there is no permanent treatment of asthma. So patient has to take inhaler and antibiotics etc always the attack comes. You can’t get rid of this problem completely. We can only control but can’t cure. This is their drawback, but it is not so with Homoeopathy.

Eradicating the cause is the basis of homoeopathic treatment. Homoeopathy treats the cause and affects will disappear. This means making the tissue healthy so that immunity in the tissues increases and tissue does not invite any bacteria.
After right homoeopathic medicine, the patient gets cured as a whole. In an asthmatic patient, his respiratory tract starts  functioning properly, ciliary reflex and natural defences get activated as before and his defences become strong enough to fight against these diseases. The cure of diseased patient in homoeopathy is brought about by stimulating the immune system to cure itself.

The stimulus ( Homoeopathic medicine ) is based on the understanding the patient’s genetic characters i.e his nature, his personality, his interaction with people in society, the ups and downs in the his life, his built and many more. If the homoeopathic receives the proper and relevant information and understand the patient as a whole, then only then the homoeopathic remedy prescribed by the homoeopath is able to stimulate the patient’s systems and cure the patient as a whole.

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