Forklift Courses

Forklift Courses

The full forklift course is for individuals interested in working as forklift operators, or requires forklift training. With theoretical in class training combined with warehouse environment practical training Young Canadian Driving Academy provides consumers with complete forklift training. Our course covers:

Standard operating procedures: circle check, forwards/reverse on plain ground, startup and shut down, parking, safe operation

Essentials of lift trucks: elements of lift trucks, general rules and regulations, load centers,

Load handling: selection of loads, load pickup and placement, load stability and integrity, loading and un-loading of trailers Safety procedures: accident awareness, dock safety and pedestrian attentiveness, identification of hazards

Experienced and knowledgeable instructors provide excellent in-depth preparation for the work force.
Full Course starting from $150.


Our recertification program is for individuals that have previous forklift training. It is designed to refresh individuals about standard forklift procedures and provide information about new procedures and regulations being used at the current time. Recertification starting from $75.


Our services can be tailored to your needs. This service provides corporations and companies with the ability to receive specific training for employees. The corporate program eliminates costs and time while providing better results for your company.

Counter Balance

COUNTER-BALANCECounter Balance is more comfortable as it comes with seat and it also less restricted by road conditions. Two kinds of tires could be found in forklift, Pneumatic and Cushion tires. This forklift has higher speed of loading and travelling than other kinds of forklift. Axles, Wheels, counterweight, power sources and overhead guard are attached with the truck frame.

Course involved

Theoretical and practical knowledge
Pre inspection, safety checking and safe work area
Full Safety training
Propane and electric certification

Order picker:

ORDER-PICKERWhile driving, operator could lift himself with the lift. So it is very convenient to pick up orders from any height of racks like bottom to top. While driving order picker you need to aware up about the fall protection as well.

Reach truck (Raymond Reach) and Order picker:

REACH-NARROW AISLEReach is based on rider stacker forklift and specially designed for narrow or small aisle. Its main function is the extension of forks which can reach to load. It is lighter than counter balance. Capacity rated with the forks extended and comes with solid tires. Order Picker is Counter balance type and very similar to narrow aisle truck is called order picker. Operator has to wear restrained system to save to get fall otherwise all function are similar to the narrow aisle process. All controls and operator stay in the cage welded to the mast.

Walkie or Pallet truck

WALKIE-PALLET-TRUCKPallet trucks are also known as Walkie, single or double pallet jacks, Powered pallet jacks are motorised to lift heavy and stack pallets. It is Very light machine and small turning radius. Pallet trucks generally move by throttle on handle which helps to move forward backward and steering handle to the intended side.

Dock Stocker

DOCK-STOCKERDock stocker is also known as stand-up counterbalance. Very suitable to get rough dock jobs done. Easy to operate with more visibility.

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Pre inspection, safety checking and safe work area
  • Full Safety training