Although drawing up a Will can be a tricky subject to tackle, it is very important to make sure that all you have worked hard for is left to those you hold so dear. By allowing our panel of expert Will writers to help arrange or amend your Will, you can keep away from many future pressure for your loved ones.

Writing a Will is very vital and really shouldn’t be put off. Dying without a Will in the Canada means your estate is subject to the rules of intestacy. Under the rules of intestacy, a spouse or civil partner may not come into your whole property, but may have to share it with kids, parents or siblings. Step-children may well not benefit at all from an intestate estate.
A professionally written Will ensures none of the above happens. Our specialist Will writers will talk you through your whole land, leaving nothing to possibility. Your chosen beneficiaries will inherit your assets with the minimum of fuss or suffering at an already disturbing time.

Problems for example guardianship and the appointment of appropriate executors will also be addressed. We have a specialist consultant, who will be pleased to help you in the drawing up of a Will or any probate or Trust issue.