InLand Oil & Propane is not only a dealer to fleets; we’re also fleet owners. By testing the products we sell in our own fleet vehicles, we stand behind our products and services with first-hand information. Successful fleets concentrate on show. With over many fueling locations and on-site fueling options, we present fleets the competitive edge when it comes to competitive pricing and professional service.

Our committed staff of lubrication specialists will assist you identify the right products for your commercial operation. From agricultural implements to on-highway trucks,  InLand Oil & Propane has teamed up with the industry’s top suppliers to not only give solutions but to add value to your business.

Our professional Commercial/Transport services include:
  • Professionally trained delivery personnel
  • Professionally educated account managers
  • Equipment audits
  • Product application recommendations
  • Product handling and storage systems design and implementation
  • Oil analysis/sampling programs
  • Inventory management
  • Just-in-time inventory program
  • Equipment packages available for sale or loan


Delivering the exact product at the accurate time and price helps our customers run an well-organized business. At InLand Oil & Propane, we think in giving a variety of gasoline and diesel fuels as well as the market insight and value added services to assist you drive revenue and stay away from surprises. Fuel is normally the second maximum cost of doing business for companies operating a fleet of vehicles. When left unmonitored, fuel is very vulnerable to theft, use wrongly and waste.  We offers fleet technology and precious information that give commercial fleet owners not just with peace of mind, but improved profitability.


When we say we present more solutions and a smaller amount friction, we aren’t only talking about our products. InLand Oil & Propane is uniquely prepared to meet all of your repairs requirements, whether you operate a food processing plant, quick lube, paper mill, vehicle fleet, family farm or other business with several moving parts.


InLand Oil & Propane has been known as one of the top rising and most dependable propane suppliers in the Northwest. We have built a powerful reputation for giving businesses and individuals around the Pacific Northwest with best quality fuel, lubricant and propane products at the finest price.

The success of our commercial and agricultural clients depends on  InLand Oil & Propane’s assurance to giving at the most significant period. We meet our customers’ requirements every day by providing:

  • Risk Management through daily price analysis
  • Professionally trained delivery drivers and account managers
  • Equipment programs for sale, lease, and loan
  • Educational workshops
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Weekly market email updates

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