About Us

Feast your eyes and indulge your senses in Ten11 Lounge – Bahrain’s latest marvel of a restaurant that is sure to leave each and every one craving for more.

It comes with no surprise that Italian cuisine is one of the most beloved cuisines around the world. Especially within the Kingdom of Bahrain and regionally as a whole, the rise of Italian restaurants have truly created a storm of success in the restaurant culture. This undying trend for our passion and love for all things Italian, we have decided to introduce the Ten11 Lounge to create a new experience for Italian cuisine lovers that is sure to create unforgettable memories.

Simplicity, authenticity and passion are the main “ingredients” of Ten11 Lounge that resonate within every person that indulges in this restaurant’s heavenly experience. This can be witnessed and felt in every dish in the greatest Italian restaurants around the world and this is exactly what we would like to bring to life in Ten11 Lounge as well.

Bringing the taste, look, feel and personality of the essence of Italy is the purity of our mission and vision for Ten11 Lounge that is engulfed and founded on passion. Therefore, those looking for a restaurant that offers the extra mile to ensure each and every part of their experience is as wholesome as a restaurant on the streets of Italy is something we greatly aspire to work towards to make that dream a reality.

At Ten11 Lounge, we aim to raise the bar through our exceptional food, service and experience. Offering a deliciously impressive variety of Italian dishes including authentic pasta, specialty chicken, veal and seafood entrees, an array of delectable appetizers, insatiable desserts and so much more, your senses are sure to be showered in a delight like never before. Using only the freshest and best ingredients in the market, our customers are in for a treat with our delightfully enchanting and geniune Italian cuisine.


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