For many years  Delight Home Improvement Inc. have been modelling and renovating homes and Kitchens.We pride in A-one products and quality Workmanship. We have a group of qualified and expert tradesmen that can got the job done while meeting your design,your budget, and above hopes.



We have a group of trained and professional tradesmen that can got the Drywall job done while meeting  your budget  and above expectations.We start with the design, bring in your “Must Have” ideas and work with our pleasant and expert team.



Delight Home Improvement Inc.  is a qualified residential and commercial  company in Calgary that was created in order to give the residents of the greater Calgary with the local, qualified, quality flooring services at an reasonable price from a local owned and operated company you can trust!



A right occasion will be planned for your tile installation to take place. Your installer will remove any needed existing tile or flooring, make any repairs required, prep the surfaces, and install your new tile-all the while maintaining a secure work site and ensuring a thorough cleanup. Once the fitting is complete, your installer will meet with you to do a final examination and confirm your approval.


Basement Development

Delight Home Improvement Inc. is specialized in basement development and flooring. Call us for your basement development needs.


Taping & Mudding

We specialize in A-one drywall finishing, with taping, mudding, plaster repairs, priming and painting (interior and exterior), Before drywall finishing can be started, the drywall has to be installed properly. Proper drywall taping and mudding preparation is vital to a quality-finished product.

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