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Why Zain Designs is considered the premier supplier of cast stone mantels and kitchen vent hoods in Canada?

For many years, Zain Designs has consistently provided customers with outstanding work and with the help of our wide network of connections, which includes architects, designers and builders.

Home owners love working with us because we ship our fireplace mantels directly to their home anyplace in the Canada. From conceptualizing and creating your CAD drawings, to installing your mantels, we are there to help you.

Installation of our designer fireplace mantel is very simple, which is why builders, designers and architects find it a delight working with us. As intricate as our designs look and feel at times, installation is not intricate and does not necessary very expert contractors.

Talk to our fireplace mantel specialists through our contact form or hotline. Ask for a free brochure. But most importantly ask what we can do for you today!